We can offer a range of activities to schools, from creative challenges to simple engineering lessons, from relaxed lunchtime LEGO clubs to one-off structured workshops.

LEGO can fit in to the curriculum in many ways; it can be used to tell stories and build scenarios, to explore art and design, to bring understanding of simple engineering principles or practical mathematics.

Our large collection means that we have a huge number of ‘special’ pieces such as minifigures, leaves and animals, as well as our ‘normal’ bricks and plates. We have lots of one-off elements that may have once been part of a truck or a helicopter, but now inspire imaginations to turn them into thrones, monster legs or jetpacks.

We also have a large collection of LEGO Technic pieces. These are used for more advanced building, and in particular for moving models. Technic elements are ideal for investigating forces and simple machines such as levers, inclined slopes, gears and pulleys, wheels and axles, and screws and are therefore a perfect tool for teaching the Design and Technology elements of the National Curriculum at Key Stage 1 and 2.

We have worked with a number of schools offering sessions such as ‘Gearing up and Gearing Down’ in which children build a ‘Whizzer’, a whisk-like mechanism, and ‘Three Little Pigs’ in which children build the characters and houses from the story, and learn a little about strong structures in the process. We also run after-school clubs where children can use our collection of LEGO to build as they like to a suggested weekly theme.

Please contact us if you would like to investigate how we can help you use Lego in education.