Ginny Gould

Ginny started her working life as a Veterinary Nurse many years ago before heading to university and studying Microbiology as a mature student. She enjoyed the university life so much that she carried on to study for a PhD in Bacterial Genetics at the University of Bristol, followed by several years working as a research scientist. Her work has been published in a number of scientific journals, and she has also presented it at several international conferences.

Her childhood love of Lego was rekindled when her young son became interested in it.  Combined with her passion for communicating science and a career break when her daughter was born, the idea for Gincandescence quickly developed, initially just with an after-school club in 2013 but by the end of 2014 also running educational workshops and birthday party sessions.

In 2016 she returned to science as a research project manager on studies looking at antibiotic resistance in bacteria but still manages Gincandescence and regularly runs parties and other sessions with help from a team of others who work with her regularly.

She is very proud that so many children now refer to her as ‘The Lego Lady’, and that she has been called ‘awesome’ by more than one 8 year old!