Lego Parties

Take the hassle and worry out of organising a children’s birthday party. Make sure everyone has fun and a time to remember – book us to provide the entertainment! Our huge collection of Lego and creative play ideas keep any group of children happy and engaged.

Our Lego party workshops are generally suitable for children aged 5 and up, but younger children who have already shown an interest in Lego may also like them. We offer a range of options, from a very unstructured session where huge amounts of Lego are available for building whatever children want, to a highly structured workshop in which a small group of children are assisted to build a moving model with Lego Technic gears and studs. Our large collection of minifigures allows children to use their imaginations and build large and involved scenarios, and we have enough sets of wheels to keep lots of children happy creating vehicles for racing or display. We are always delighted to work with you to tailor your party workshop to your child’s interests and enthusiasms.  We can also offer options such as a mixed Lego and craft party session. Just contact us for more details by email or calling Ginny on 07967 794130.

We’re based in Weston-super-Mare and will travel to you if you are within approximately 50 miles or 90 minutes drive away. We’re available for parties at weekends and weekdays  and are fully insured to run party workshops in your home or other venue of your choice. We can even help you to find a suitable venue if required.

  • Fully insured – public and employee liability
  • DBS (previously CRB) checked

Alice’s son had a workshop for his 9th birthday party

‘If your child is into Lego, I would highly recommend Ginny to any parent wanting a party that both the children and adults can enjoy – the kids had great fun whilst we made sandwiches and drank coffee in the next room – it was a revelation!’

An all-girls 8th birthday party parent commented

‘The party was fabulous. ….As a primary teacher with a great interest in children’s collaborative learning, I loved seeing how the children participated in team work and shared problem-solving. Those that wanted to work independently were able to and all children were completely involved and excited about what they were doing. There was such a buzz.’

Free-Style Building Sessions:


Lego Adventurers

Children love to build scenes which tell a story, and this activity allows them to really use their imaginations. Using our huge collection of Lego parts, which includes lots of minifigures, animals and special pieces, the children engage in creative play and build their own adventure!

Wheely Fun

We supply lots of different wheel components with the large Lego collection, and children build cars and other vehicles to race and play with.

Problem Solving and Challenge Sessions:


Minifigure Fling!

In this session children build a basic flick catapult from instructions or simple working model. They are encouraged to experiment with changing different parts of the model to make it work better and flick their minifigure further. They might increase the length of the beam, change the pivot point, enlarge the whole model and look at ways of strengthening the structure… Our large collection of parts makes creative exploration easy.

Make it Move!

Suitable for children aged 7 and over, these workshops introduce Lego Technic elements such as gears and pulleys. In a typical workshop, the children follow an instruction sheet to build a creation with moving parts – a simple drill mechanism, for example. They are then given information on how to make it work faster by using extra gears for example, and encouraged to experiment with the design. The large Lego collection is available for them to use to build around their working model – for example, the drill may become a weapon, a fairground ride or an optical illusion maker!

Building Bridges

We give the children the challenge of creating a bridge to meet our design specifications. Younger children may just be asked to make a small bridge to hold a minifigure, while older children may be set a more challenging task such as crossing a longer span while carrying a bigger load.

Reasonable Prices

Our party workshop prices start at as little as £100 (plus travel) for freebuilding sessions for up to 30 children.

It’s easy to book – just get in touch!

Drop us an email letting us know a few details about your party and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with some ideas and a quote. If you’ve got any special requests or requirements, don’t forget to let us know about those too. You can also call Ginny on 07967 794130.